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The operation of the current national defense mobilization mechanism in my country is based on the dual guidance of the report and the planning system. The various mobilization preparations are regulated by the central government agencies, municipalities, county and city governments in the annual policy to promote implementation, and Supplemented by lectures, inspections, and exercise verification, to implement the concept of national defense. The preparations for national defense mobilization are divided into four levels: program, program, classified plan, and execution plan. Its operations are guided by the program, the program guides the classified plan, and the classified plan guides the execution plan. All levels are interlinked. The context is consistent to accumulate the overall combat power of the whole people.

According to Article 7 of the General Action Law, the tasks of the Executive Yuan mobilization meeting are as follows:

  1. Mobilize the preparation of the guidelines.
  2. The decision on the basic policy of mobilization.
  3. Review of mobilization laws.
  4. Review and approval of various mobilization preparation plans.
  5. Administrative mobilization preparation supports political and military coordination in preparation for military mobilization.
  6. Coordination and guidance of mobilization preparation business reports at all levels and the comprehensive coordination organization of national combat capabilities.
  7. Other preparations for mobilization.

Business Execution

This mobilization preparation plan system is guided by the level-level guidance and level-by-level concept of mutual maintenance. The relevant central plan and classification plan authorities will implement the review based on the program and plan, and cooperate with the characteristics of the local government to help the county and city government to mobilize and prepare for the implementation of the plan. The plan is as scheduled and the quality policy is issued, and the basic actions of mobilization preparation are diligently achieved. At the same time, the goals of communicating ideas, uniform steps and closely integrating local government policy plans are achieved to specifically implement various mobilization preparations and support disaster prevention and rescue work.

Each year, it will be implemented in four regions: North, Central, South, and Huadong from July to August; two days in the north and central, one day in the south, and half a day in the east of Huadong (Jinmen County, Lianjiang County and the northern region; Penghu County, combined Implemented in the southern region).

Academic Seminar

107 Symposium on Diligent Reserve Mobilization

In order to make my country's reserve mobilization policy and operating mechanism more in line with combat needs, the Ministry of National Defense invited domestic experts, scholars and current (retired) military personnel to hold the "107 Years of Advanced Reserve Mobilization Symposium" as a reference for future mobilization policy formulation.

The academic seminar was completed on the afternoon of July 18 at the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital. It was hosted by General Zhang, the Deputy Minister of Arms, and invited former Minister Mr. Yang Nianzu and Dean of International College of Tamkang University Mr. Wang Gaocheng to preside over the "Implementation of Standing Military Service. The discussion topics on “Impact on the Reserve Force” and “Exploring the Implementation of my country’s Standing Military Service from the Swiss Military Service System” included the participation of many experts and scholars, including Professor Shen Ming from the National Defense University and Professor Wang Yuwei from the Central Police University.

Participants spoke enthusiastically. In addition to supporting the expansion of "reserve fighters" in order to reduce the pressure of recruiting troops and strengthen the combat capabilities of the troops, it is also recommended to refer to the reserve mobilization policies of other countries (such as Switzerland) to strengthen our country's reserve combat capabilities. The Ministry of National Defense has incorporated the opinions of various scholars and experts into the subsequent formulation of mobilization policies to develop policies that meet my country's national conditions, national expectations, and meet national defense needs and the country's long-term interests.

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